Additive Manufacturing Courses

A series of online, interactive courses designed specifically for industry.

The Business Case for 3D Printing
Introduction to 3D Printing
Material Science for 3D Printing

The Business Case for 3D Printing

Mark Kirby
University of Waterloo

This course provides useful frameworks and examples to determine when a business case exists for adoption of additive manufacturing for part production and/or prototyping. The user is left armed with the tools to answer whether a part should be printed vs simply could it be printed.


The Course

The course is run as a collaborative industry cohort over 4 weeks. Users will have access each week to new online modules, and participate in a facilitated project discussion relevant to their business interests in weeks 3 and 4. Modules cover cost estimation for additive manufacturing printing, both from a simple machine and material perspective, as well as showcasing online estimation tools. The benefits of printing are explored with relevant examples alongside useful interactive frameworks for quantitative analysis.

The Instructor

Mark Kirby
Mark Kirby
Industry Training Manager
University of Waterloo

After graduating from MIT in Aero/Astro Engineering, Mark joined Rolls Royce working on air breathing rocket engines, before moving to his father’s machine shop, Jet Blades. Mark worked his way from CAD/CAM programmer to Managing Director, making parts for Formula 1 teams and Rolls Royce jet engines.

After emigrating to Canada, he provided hands-on coaching for companies introducing advanced manufacturing, as well as teaching Engineering at the University of New Brunswick. Mark joined Renishaw in 2013 to head their new Canadian additive manufacturing business and start up their first North American Solutions Centre. In 2020 Mark moved to the University of Waterloo’s Multi-Scale Additive Manufacturing lab to lead industry outreach and training in additive manufacturing.


The Syllabus

Could we print vs should we print.
Cost modeling.

Cost drivers in context. Developing simple cost models and using online costing tools.


Frameworks for understanding how additive manufacturing printing can be saving money or making money. Examples and practise scenarios.

Business case project presentations and discussion.

“A well built road map….I can see how it all builds off each other.”

“Nice example and really hits the point home regarding weight savings. In some industries weight=$$, and in others the advantage may be no assembly time”

“Very interesting, did not know this. Beautiful animations.”


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the course cost?

Introductory offer – Free

Is there a final exam, or certificate?

Each participant will present a business case for additive manufacturing printing reflecting their business area of interest. No certificate is issued, however the course can be counted towards continuing professional development.