Available Positions


Job Title:

Lab Technician


Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering

Reports To:

Multi-Scale Additive Manufacturing Lab Director


$20 - $25/hr, 37.5 hr per week

Effective Date:

Immediately for up to 11 months

Interested candidates can see complete job posting and apply here.

Primary Purpose

The Lab Technician is part of Multi-Scale Additive Manufacturing Lab and acts as an operator of metal additive manufacturing/3D printers while providing support to the Additive Manufacturing Research Group. Support encompasses the unique and innovative mechanical design of systems, troubleshooting, and maintenance of research equipment.

Key Accountabilities

Provide technical support for research activities

  • set up, calibration, maintenance, troubleshooting, and modification of additive manufacturing systems (3D printers) and characterization  systems
  • support software based design using SolidWorks

Provide technical support for graduate students and research engineers

  • assist graduate students with the production of 3D printed parts and their characterization
  • assist with lab development

General Accountabilities

  • promote and maintain safety standards
  • manage assigned equipment
  • repairs
  • calibration
  • loans
  • manage assigned labs
  • maintain MSDS inventory
  • maintain equipment inventory
  • conduct workplace inspections
  • general consulting, design, assembly, and rework
  • be flexibly responsive to evolving research and teaching needs
  • maintain training levels

Desired Qualifications


  • Preferred - A diploma in Engineering Technology or equivalent
  • Candidates without a collage diploma but who demonstrate a long and relevant experiential track record will also be considered.


  • Preferred - 1 year of direct experience with additive manufacturing and 2 years of indirect experience.
  • Candidates who demonstrate experience with equivalent skills sets in alternate fields will be considered.

Required Knowledge/Skills/Abilities

  • hands on experience with machinery setup and maintenance
  • personal computers
  • safety standards and procedures
  • engineering tools such as AutoCAD or SolidWorks

Preferred Knowledge/Skills/Abilities

  • metal additive manufacturing
  • plastic additive manufacturing
  • mechanical characterization
  • metallography / metrology

Nature and Scope

  • Contacts: Providing services to staff, students, researchers and industry partners.
  • Level of Responsibility: Independently advises and instructs graduate students. Manages equipment inventory
  • Decision-Making Authority: Is able to use work experience and education to make technical decisions. Will report to the lab director for direction if something is out of their scope of knowledge.
  • Physical and Sensory Demands: Much of the work is light and clean however a significant amount of the work is in the heavy labs can include large and dirty equipment. In addition, the technician should work with metal powder for which the hired technicians must wear proper Personal protective equipment (i.e. bunny suit, full respirator, etc).
  • Working Environment: Working conditions vary and range from working at a computer, to bench work, to work in heavy labs. Working outside of normal hours might be occasionally required to deal with emergencies, maintenance, extended run experiments, or upgrades.

All employees of the University are required to comply with the University’s vaccination requirements, which can be found here: Vaccination requirement

All employees of the University are expected to follow University and departmental health and safety policy, procedures and work practices at all times. Employees are also responsible for the completion of all health and safety training, as assigned. Employees with staff supervision and/or management responsibilities will ensure that assigned staff abide by the above, and actively identify, assess and correct health and safety hazards, as required.