Materials for Additive Manufacturing

In AM processes, the composition and quality of the raw materials are of paramount importance because of their impact on processing operations, finished products, and overall economics of processing. Raw material selection for AM is not trivial and it involves consideration of numerous variables. The complexity of the metal AM process includes non-linear non-equilibrium reactions, rapid solidification/cooling rates, and numerous metal powder characteristics such as particle size and shape, apparent density, flowability, thermal conductivity, surface impurities, porosity, etc).
Water atomized iron powder

SEM images of the water atomized iron powder showing particle irregular morphology at magnifications of (a) 200× and (b) 500×

AA7075/Al2O3 Composite Powde

Synthesis and Characterization of Decorated AA7075/Al2O3 Composite Powder for Selective Laser Melting

MSAM is addressing multiple challenges associated with feedstock development/preparation for three classes of AM processes: laser powder-bed fusion, laser powder-fed and binder-jet AM. MSAM’s wide assortment of powder characterization devices and metal AM systems provides a unique platform to conduct R&D quickly and effectively for our high caliber industrial partners.