Columbiad Space Thruster

The project was initiated to validate novel propellant and ignition strategies with the use of additive manufacturing (AM) technology. The Columbiad TM1 motor is a part of the In-Space thruster within the optimized rocket propulsion system.

The part was printed in Inconel 625 and was designed for a high-thrust (ranging from 1 to 10 Newtons (N)), high specific impulse (>250 seconds (s)) propulsion system. The AM methods allow for a throttleable, inexpensive, efficient, and safe process to create the thruster. Due to the advantages of this manufacturing procedure, the company is planning to commercialize these space propulsion systems using proprietary novel energetic materials for space technology.

As the thrusters are scalable, Columbiad seeks to target the rapidly growing market segments of satellite and rocket propulsion devices, designed for missions beyond Low Earth Orbit to the Moon, Mars, and Asteroids.

The testing for the Space Thruster is ongoing and any additional information can be inquired from Mark Kirby at

(Left) Post process machining to place ignition source in thrust chamber. (Right) Testing of proprietary novel energetic materials.