The re-designed busbar was created in partnership with DANA, with a goal to demonstrate several improvements while utilizing additive manufacturing (AM) technology.

The busbar is a component of the electrical drive train found within electrical vehicles. The part facilitates the conduction of heat and electrical current. As a result, the busbar was printed with copper, due to the material’s good conductive properties.

The busbar was created with two major improvements: a reduction in material usage, and a more consolidated design. The redesigned “Y-shape” allows for less material to be used during the production of the part, resulting in a lighter-weight design. The consolidation of the design also allows for reduced assembly requirements which greatly improves the production process.

The research is ongoing, and the busbar continues to be optimized by AM technology.

(Left and Middle) Original busbar “T-shape” design. (Right) AM-optimized busbar design printed in Cu alloy.